Photo walk : holiday moments

clifton beach day    langebaan lagoon west coast

babylonstoren all in a row now

babylonstoren organic garden walk

cape point drive

franschhoek wine area

wine tasting at rustenberg stellenbosch    philadelphia windmill

wellington fields and mountains

franskraal rainy day beach walk

gansbaai coastal walk

dyer island seal fun


I loved each moment of the holidays and have so many I would like to share. Choosing is hard! These stand out in my memory along with the ones I have posted on Instagram and those moments in Cape Town. It has been a wonderful time of happy memories and special heart connections.

I stepped gently into 2014 and am so happy to have had an unexpected (but great) digital break. Of course, I didn’t stop taking photographs. 🙂

The break has given me the time to reflect on life and what 2014 may hold. And how I would like it to unfold and where my focus and intentions will take me. There are so many magical opportunities to create and explore. I am grateful and blessed to be able to do this.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes. I often see the world through photos and love exploring my surroundings in this way.

simply sharing, Delicia

8 thoughts on “Photo walk : holiday moments

  1. Hello mdssD

    I am so happy to see that you had your camera on you, while you were playing tour guide. You have captured our country beautifully, and it makes me feel truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place, never to be taken for granted.

    You really are a wonderful tour guide, not just for those lucky enough to be in your presence, but for all of us that you take along with you in your camera, just waiting for you to press the button so we can see out through the lens.

    I feel like I have travelled the world with you, thanks for the adventures, it’s a special gift, one I treasure.


    • Hello mdssGilli,

      Oh laugh! Most people would say I am never without my camera 😉 and this is true! I love taking photos as much as I like showing off our beautiful country. We are truly blessed to be living in this wonderful place and it’s great to remember that.

      I do love being a tourleading and am happy that this space allows me to still do something I am so passionate about – tourleading!

      Always my pleasure and joy to share my adventures with you. Sharing makes them all the more memorable.

      Love lots

    • Thank you very much Steph. It is always great to get feedback to know what feelings my photos invoke in the eye of the beholder : you. I know everyone sees a photo differently. For me #9 brought me feelings of warmth and depth of colours. I was attracted by the contrasts between the mountain blues and the field yellows. Wonderful that it inspired serenity and quietness for you!

  2. Today I am wandering in magic space. Every time I am trying to concentrate on taking little steps to determine my future I am pulled back. I believe the message for me is that I should take a broader view. So I am doing that, just following the flow that brought me back to this awesome photo walk. I am so happy I could see more of your beautiful country. It is always great to feel your excitement as you explore and discover, but this time it has been really special because I could also feel your passion about tourleading and sharing your favourite places and all what they hold there for you to grab. I really cannot choose which photo stands out for me. They all carry gentle uplifting feelings, inspiring quietness and loving kindness. It is wonderful to see how much you loved each moment of the holiday. Thank you for sharing!

    • I must admit I love showing off Cape Town and all it has to offer. Wherever I am, Cape Town, with everyone there and all that it is to me, has a very big part of my heart. And yes, I do still love tourleading. I guess it is just part of my soul, a little like healing too.

      Maybe one day you will have the opportunity to visit in person. Ideally when I am there, so that I can show you around too.

      I am so happy you joined me on my photo walk. Sharing it makes it all the more fun! Thank you 🙂

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