Photo walk : Copenhagen

here now love

apu helping me with my journal

park life

park life 2

hooked on smorrebrod

street life

street life 2

street life 3

street life 4

soulsisters hooked on joe and the juice

we had plenty of the motivation supply (graffiti)

we all had a great time together

messages everywhere


I am grateful I could visit my soulsister C. and her son in Copenhagen last week. I also got to meet and play with Apu. We talked till 3am. We walked all day. We ate, drank and stopped at Joe and the Juice often. We laughed loudly. We chose angel cards each day with our morning coffee (thanks George). We took note of the messages everywhere – cards, graffiti, windows and vans. We were blessed with sunshine. And our souls connected as they have done since our first chance meeting in Cusco so many moons ago. As if by magic…

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my β€˜photo’ eyes. I often see the world through photos and love exploring my surroundings in this way. You can see more of my photos on here.

simply now, Delicia

14 thoughts on “Photo walk : Copenhagen

    • Thank you Elizabeth! Yes, it was so nice to spend some time around a kitty again. It made me miss Max all over again. πŸ˜‰

      I actually didn’t eat any Danish chocolates, as the liquorice kept me so busy. I love liquorice almost as much as I love chocolates! And there is a wonderful chocolate coated liquorice – so yummy!

  1. What lovely pics, Delicia! Pleased to hear you had a great time ~ thank you for your email πŸ™‚

    Take care and speak soon. Looking forward to your next round of pics πŸ™‚

  2. Sista! I have to point out Africa in your 4th pic (one of the park and
    lots of people) look in the tree and sky – bet you did not see Africa there!

    Much love

  3. What a better way of thinking of you in Copenhagen having healing soul time with your soulsister C. than coming back to the wonderful words of this post? I have always wanted to tell you they are the most awesome photo of your time there. Joy, connection, gentle self-indulgence, wander and wonder, light, laughter and love… your sharing is always so inspiring! Gratitude. Take gentle care of you and your soulsister Delicia. Here Now Love.

    • It was a magical and healing time again in Copenhagen with my soulsister there. It was simply great. I am so happy these photographs inspired all these things within you too. Many thanks and my gratitude back to you. Love and light.

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