Inspire your senses : be(e) love

bee love


Lately my senses have been inspired by these simple joys:

sight : simple beauty like a bee covered in pollen along my hiking path, seeing all the spring flowers come alive in the golden hour or those piercing kitty eyes of Apu (the spirit of the mountain) in Copenhagen.

sound : the divine sounds on the new cd love within that my soulsister A. shared with me. I can’t wait to get one.

taste :  my visit to Copenhagen was jam packed with taste sensations, but Lakrids chocolate coated liquorice stands tall alongside all the yummy things that came out of my soulsister C’s. kitchen.

smell : brushing past my edible balcony garden and getting a whiff of those fresh herbs in the morning always makes me smile. With my cup of coffee, of course!

touch : the gentle touch of a reiki session shared.

energy : the peaceful energy that fills my healing room and my heart after a reiki session.

last words : some inspiration from Dr Maya AngelouEverything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. May she continue to dance in the universe.

What has inspired your senses lately? Share your inspirations here.

simply be(e) love, Delicia x

7 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : be(e) love

  1. Thanks for this Delicia! It’s something so easily forgotten and sadly, it takes losing one of these senses to remember how precious (and how delicious) having them can be. Thank you for the reminder! I LOVE the picture by the way! Well done! Love and hugs.

    • I agree Indika, our senses are extremely precious and something we sometimes take for granted. I being more aware of them also reminds me to be grateful for them and what they add to my life. Thank you kindly too. Love and light.

  2. Hi Delicia, lovely post, the photo is yellow! I’m seeing yellow everywhere these days. I posted a dandelion yesterday in my blog, and today I see your yellow here! Nature is my inspiration now. It so beautiful outside, flowers, trees, birds, everything in its full power. So I’m trying to enjoy more outside and bring it inside through my photos and doing some art (cards right now) inspired by the nature.

    • Yes, there is a lot of yellow around at the moment. I love your dandelion photo. It is so vibrant! Nature brings us such beauty and inspiration. Like you, I am loving it at the moment with all the wild flowers blooming everywhere. I also love your orange tulip photo. Simply stunning!

      Your art and cards look like you are having such fun. Enjoy each moment Elizabeth.

  3. MMMMMMM, dreaming of salty licorice now!! When I go to Scandinavia that the one thing I make sure to buy a lot of. I’m glad you enjoyed Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city, with a beautiful, old soul.

    • Oh yes, me too now that you reminded me! 🙂 I brought some back with me, but it is already finished. Next time I will have to buy extra. I hope you had a good National Day even though you were far from Sweden.

  4. It is always great to feel the peaceful energy of the Room (your healing room)… a space that is very dear to me, where with your support I started my amazing healing journey and our souls connected. But today I want to say that I feel your healing energy Delicia. It is wonderful to have you always with me, wherever you are. Gratitude. Your connection to that infinite magic source is very powerful… you are a very special healer. Know this.
    Your gentle words and stunning photo of the bee covered in pollen reminded me of another beautiful quote of Maya Angelou: ‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty’. Let’s joyfully dance with her in Universe 🙂

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