A return to rituals

return to rituals

I have been struggling to get back into my daily rituals lately. Some of my regular activities fell by the way when I hurt my finger. It has healed well and improves daily, but it needed time for healing and a big dose of patience on my part. I don’t know about you, but I find it tough to return to a habit or ritual once I have broken it. This week I finally feel like I have got back into the swing of things.

I wondered about what makes it easier for me, because even if I may know the health benefits, feel my creative juices flowing again or have a deep desire to do something, I still procrastinate about taking the first step. These things help me to find my way again.

  • Start right now. Today is as good as any day to start. Don’t wait for Monday, better weather or something to change.
  • Find a positive mantra or affirmation and repeat it generously. This way you talk yourself into it and not out of it. Watch that self-talk, it can really put up a great argument! “I got this”, “Every step makes a difference” and “I want to …. (fill in the blank)” are some of mine. I like mixing it up a little and having fun with mantras.
  • No reason to be hard on yourself for not starting sooner, not doing more or whatever else you tell yourself. Work that mantra (see the previous point).
  • Take small bites at a time and be realistic. Better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing, right?
  • Push yourself by setting a goal, taking part in a challenge or sharing it with a soulsister. This way you are accountable and your soulsister (or soulbrother) will support you, check in when it gets tough and say well done. And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back too.
  • Set a timer / reminder / alarm on your smartphone or put a stick-it on the bathroom mirror, so you see it every day.
  • Look for the simple joy in what you are doing, even if it is hard work, you are pushing your limits or trying a difficult yoga pose that you don’t like (yes, there are a few I don’t like), there is always a piece of joy in it. Just look for it. Maybe it is simply hidden in the outcome, the moment or the activity. This is a big one for me. If I can feel the joy, it makes it easier to continue.

These points are not new or rocket science, nor are they specific to a particular ritual, but they did help me to get going again, to stay on track and to remind me to stick to it.  And when I don’t keep at it, I know that I can start over again. There is nothing wrong with starting over again as many times as you need too. Or even every day!

What supports you to return to your rituals?

simply sharing, Delicia


4 thoughts on “A return to rituals

  1. During July/August I was doing yoga and walking outside everyday. I was feeling much better in my body and my mind. But now in September I have done nothing, always keeping for “tomorrow”. And in the cold days will be more difficult. But I’ll follow your steps and see if I can change things around. Thanks for the lovely reminders and get your finger better soon. And thanks for visiting my blog!

    • I hope you can find your internal warmth to keep going on the cold days and maintain the benefits of your lovely rituals. Or perhaps you can swap them for something indoors when it is really too cold out there. The chilly autumn winds have been blowing here too and it does make it harder to get outdoors. Although the enticing autumns colours help me to get outside to take photographs. Thank you for your thoughts and I will definitely keep coming back to your blog for more!

  2. I also find it hard to return to a ritual once I have broken it. The most simple reason is that I have to find again space for it in what is always a too busy life. Space in my day (time), space for the practice (physical space), space in the will and where I want to be (mind, but especially spirit), space in me (energy), space given by others to allow me (freedom) or (much better 🙂 ) help me (support).

    The good thing about having to overcome all of this before we set us in motion, is that we are given the chance of mindfully choosing what we really want to do and (even more importantly) what we really need in the NOW. Life is change and we are never the same. There are times one ritual helps us much better than another. There are times it is also ok to rest and observe, which is different from procrastinating because it is not distracting ourselves by keeping us busy with other (and not necessarily easier…) stuff but rather be with the ritual in a different way.

    I love all your suggestions, especially your mantra self-talks (keep having fun with them 😉 ) and start right now. This year I set my intention not to wait tomorrow to do what I can do today. It is often not easy to put it into practice, but every time I do this, the gift of energy saved from unnecessary keeping on hold is empowering.

    One thing I noticed with me, is that when I go back to my intentions, I tend to do it on all fronts – as if one was not hard enough… laugh! So your wise advise of taking small bites reminds me it is better to focus on one ritual a time, at least in the phase of getting ready for the first step.

    I would put more emphasis on the gratitude to yourself. This is what rituals are all about, isn’t it? So every time you take a step, thank yourself for the space you took, for the choice you made to be what you want to be. So, well done Delicia! I know it has been tough time, I know how much patience your finger and these last months asked you. You gave your best, you did well, you wrote this beautiful post, went back to your intentions, reminded yourself and us all you can do to support your rituals, and took another hard first step.

    Gratitude for sharing and being you.

    • What a great reminder about life being change and indeed our rituals change just as life does. It is good to be reminded to flow within the natural flow of one’s life and take things as they come. Thank you Annalisa. Well done on sticking to your intention of not waiting for tomorrow and how divine that the universe gifts and empowers you when you follow your intention. This is such a great force to drive you to fulfil your intentions.

      I had to smile with you, as I think we like to get back into things on all fronts all at once and sometimes we do forget that smaller bites/steps are also ok. I also have to keep reminding myself that it is ok.

      As you said, and another great point to add, is gratitude to oneself. So important and the one we so often leave out. So thank you very much for highlighting it.

      Much gratitude for sharing here. Namaste

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