47 simple joys

dragonfly magic

Today I have been around the sun 47 times and to celebrate this beautiful life that is my journey, I would like to share my list (in no particular order) of simple joys in my everyday world. These are the things I am grateful for, that inspire me, that I learn from, that are challenging for me, that make me happy and that I strive towards.

  1. soul connections
  2. family family and soul family
  3. photography
  4. sunrises, sunsets and that special golden hour light
  5. meditations
  6. stillness
  7. laughter
  8. on my mat time
  9. yoga classes
  10. messages on my path
  11. mother nature and her power
  12. kitty love
  13. hikes
  14. travelling one step or a 1000 miles
  15. books, books and more books
  16. gratitude
  17. writing and journals
  18. this soul space here
  19. all my senses
  20. hands
  21. power of healing
  22. great friends
  23. watching my balcony garden grow
  24. learning
  25. choice and perspective
  26. smiles
  27. giving, receiving and sharing time
  28. my first cup of morning coffee
  29. tea rituals
  30. water splashes, sounds and healing
  31. balanced health
  32. fulfilling my basic needs
  33. creative juices
  34. making dreamcatchers
  35. music
  36. dancing
  37. dreaming
  38. a dragonfly on my foot!
  39. love
  40. sunflowers
  41. internet connectivity to keep in touch over distances
  42. divine energy
  43. understanding
  44. compassion
  45. peace
  46. life lessons
  47. and, of course, you!

I feel blessed.

Breathe. Smile. And be grateful.

I wrote this list in my journal while sitting at the local pond on Monday warming up in the sunshine after a really icy dip. What an interesting exercise to take note of how simple the things are that really matter in life. The dragonfly settled on my toes and allowed me to snap this photo. Divine confirmation of this now moment and that all is ok.

What simple joys are you grateful for today?

with love, Delicia x

8 thoughts on “47 simple joys

  1. Hi mdssD

    Thanks for sharing your simple joys, it reminds me to be grateful for all the simple joys in my little life.

    All those who know you well, and who have shared in your wonderful photos, will be familiar with your toes, as they feature regularly in your photos. This is by far the best toe picture to date, that dragonfly loves your toes as much as we all do.

    Thanks always for sharing, it is very much appreciated.


    • Hi mdssGilli,

      I feel that gratitude is really a wonderful tool for loving the life that we live. Oh wow, that’s a big compliment for the photo and my toes 🙂 thank you! The dragonfly was really special – it even made my list of 47. I just love how the universe gives us signs and confirms things for us; and that is exactly what I felt when the dragonfly landed on my toes. Divine!


  2. Wonderful list, divine message from dragonfly, wonderful You. My gratitude today is for You, who are all of this and much much more! and the bonus is that it only gets better and better over time 🙂

  3. Lovely list GF,
    as we move towards the 5th Dimension / Golden Age we see more and more shifts… For me the most prominent this week has been the “disillusion of physical limitations” albei it the transmution / dissolving of physical limitations… Being able to connect at will and have our spur-of-the-moment-in-depth conversations with the use of technology: Grattitude and Grace! Having a soul conversation driving about to get the chores done: Connection. Knowing and Trusting the Flow intuitively, moving along on our journeys, sharing and caring…

    Now is now, Be in the Flow of the Energy that is: Unconditional Love, Healing and Inspiration.

    • Wonderful list of simple joys GF. I definitely echo you again with gratitude for the technology that allows soul connections even when the distances between us are great. Now is now, all that is. Namaste

  4. Hi Delicia, love your list! Why 47? birthday around? If so, Happy Birthday, if not Happy day! Last month a dragonfly showed up in my deck, so I looked the magical meaning for it, and I found that means we should bring more lightness and joy to our lives when the dragonfly visit us. It was perfect for my moment. Isn’t lovely. You too, should bring more lightness and joy to your life, you already have a lot, but a little more is always good. And thanks for your comment on the previous post about my mystery stories, I’m happy you enjoy them! Have a great day, great week, great everything!

    • Hello Elizabeth and thank you for your wishes, it was my 47th birthday. Gratitude for sharing your lovely dragonfly message. I will flow with it and look for more lightness and joy in my life. It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you so much. I trust you are looking for it in yours too. May your week be joyful, light and simply great.

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