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Recently my senses have been simply inspired by:

sight : all the beautiful photographs that everyone is taking and sharing daily on Instagram for the August Break 2014 conceived by the soulful Susannah Conway. The daily emails are a touching add-on this year. I also joined the ABC Project by The Honu Life. It is gently pushing me to get more adventure, balance and creativity; and to share a daily photograph about it. Carrie’s prompts and daily posts are intriguing and provide some great ideas. It is such fun playing along and it is not too late to join in. I will share my photos in a post soon, but if you want a quick peep, have a look at my Instagram feed.

sound : singing along with Dolly Parton at the Moon and Stars open air concert in Locarno took me back to my childhood in a flash. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I’m begging of you…

taste :  broken slabs of dark walnut fresh chocolate from Läderach, I think I am in love. And there are so many flavours I still need to try!

smell : with all the bucketfuls of rain over the last few weeks, that fresh earthy smell has been hanging in the air. A gentle reminder to stay grounded in the moment.

touch : stroking the neighbourhood cats around here reminds me of just how much I miss Max. I hope she is not too jealous of all the other kitty love I receive. 🙂 I am convinced she understands the concept of unconditional love really well.

energy : have you signed up for the global meditation for peace led by Deepak Chopra this evening at 6pm. Join us?

last words : my soulsister C. shared this lovely quote with me at just the right moment last week. The universe knows.

Life whispers in your soul and speaks to your heart.  Sometimes, when you don’t have time to listen … life throws a brick at your head.  It’s your choice: listen to the whispers of your soul or wait for the brick.


What is inspiring you at the moment? Share it here.

with love, Delicia x

8 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : yin yang kitty

    • Thank you Maria for sharing your feelings. Yes, please do borrow it and spread the word 😉

      Thanks for visiting and continuing to walk with me. It is so special. x

  1. I love so much this picture… And this post. Your posts are always profound and very spiritual and I love that. The create a link which I am missing. I am not yet as mindful as I would like to, but I have recently been able to connect much more with my emotions and it makes me so happy. I will have a break soon and I will remind myself to be more careful to what surround my senses…

    • Thank you Steph. Being mindful is a process and a way of being; and taking the small steps that make you happy is exactly that, being mindful. As one takes the first small steps the next follow. May your break be full of wonderful steps towards what you need and desire. x

  2. I knew I should visit your blog today, I’m so tired, now I’m in bed ready to go sleep, but your blog came to my mind, I said “lets see if Delicia has posted some peaceful post” and I was right, looking to this beauty cat ( I miss Max too!) and reading your words feel relaxed. Here was raining all day, so I can feel the earthy smell in my bedroom right now. I hadn’t realized it, but after reading your post I can feel it. Thanks!

    • Sending you lots of healing energy and I hope you had a restful night. I am happy it brought you peaceful moments. Isn’t that earthy smell so grounding? It really puts me in touch with my own grounding energy with each whiff. I miss Max a lot and look forward to seeing her in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for reading and sharing your inspirations with me too. Healing light and love to you.

  3. Beautiful inspirations Delicia! I might be a bit lazy, but just reading you fully recharges me 🙂 Gratitude for all your sharing!

    I am totally with you for some chocolate from Läderach. Trying all the flavours and deciding if I love Läderach more than Sprüngli (really hard task!) is always a good excuse to get some, isn’t it 😉

    Your words about the constant rain of the last weeks are so gentle and peaceful… that earthy smell is extremely grounding, thank you for making me more aware of it!

    And the neighbourhood cats? I am sure it is Max sending you her unconditional love that brings them to you. You might make her happy by reminding yourself her amazing lessons of unconditional love.

    At the moment I am inspired by all messages from Universe, reminding me that we are all connected, that we have all within, that we should just ‘be’. ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’ is the quote of Mahatma Gandhi that you shared with us with an invitation to open. I took a walk yesterday, being in the moment by soaking up the beautiful sun that popped through the clouds, breathing that earthy smell, feeling the connection, making space at the heart. It was very peaceful. I was happy.

    So the invitation is back to you Delicia.
    Breathe in. Open. Breathe out. Be You. Connect. Be happy.
    You have all within.

    • Thank you for reminding us of that beautiful quote from Ghandi. I love it and it is a great reminder to walk my truth and be my best self. Gratitude Annalisa for sharing it again.

      Your caring invitations are always greatly accepted and we do have it all within, yes! So breathe and be still with all that is within.


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