August break day 1 to 14

august break day 1 to 3

Lunch. Pattern. Pattern. Window.

august break day 4 to 5

Orange. Orange. Three. Orange.

(I must love orange at the moment 😉 )

august break day 6 to 8

Reflection. Today is… Today is… Selfie.

august break day 9 to 12

In my bag. Drink. Handwriting. On the table.

august break day 13 to 14My guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure. Hands. Hands.

I love the prompts and daily emails of the August Break 2014 with Susannah Conway. Seeing everyone’s photographs has been such an inspiration for my own photography process.

My most challenging prompt thus far was the selfie, the easiest one was orange, the most fun was my guilty (not-so-guilty) pleasure and the luckiest was the one for pattern when the ladybird landed on my knee as I was sitting under my tree. A message from the universe that all would be ok.

It is not to late to join in the fun, make new friends and share your photos on Instagram under #augustbreak2014. You can see all my daily photos here too.

with smiles, Delicia

6 thoughts on “August break day 1 to 14

  1. I see you are enjoying taking photos and this makes me very happy. Your shots radiate so much energy and many of them are really stunning! I will not comment on all of them or I will never end, but…

    My favourites are the flower mandala and the selfie. Of the first I love the peace, of the second all: the smiling sunflower of course (my favourite flower), the bits of blue sky, the magical sunlight, your loving kindness and the way you captured all of this together!

    But I also love your open hand with all the yellow flower power, and both of your guilty pleasures (I am completely with you!), which you conveyed so well – and yes, I can feel you had fun 😉 The pattern ladybird is impressive and I know that receiving the message must have been really special. I also received a beautiful message from a ladybird recently, when I was sitting under the tree. Maybe it was the same ladybird? Believe in it, I know you do. Reflections effectively shows what your heart can see through your eyes: magic. And in the window photo I see your beautiful light shining through: gratitude!

    Hmmm… which one have I not mentioned yet?! Ah, now that I see it again, I realise that today I took a photo of the same yellow orange flower. Smile.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely magic world.

    • Yes, there is the magical chance that it was the same ladybird and she was sharing her message onwards. I do believe!

      Seeing my photos through your eyes is always inspiring so I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings. I loved making that flower mandala and had the feeling to try another soon. 🙂 The process grounded me and brought such joy and peacefulness. So simple yet so effective.

      It is a magical world out there and we each see it with our set of magical eyes. Now that is a divine reminder of how important perspective and viewpoint are. Gratitude for this inspiring message. May we always remember to put on our glasses of kindness and gratitude as we view our world.

  2. Hi Delicia, you are so organized and your photos are beauty. I’m enjoying augustbreak too. The selfie was my biggest challenge as well. I missed few days, I was travelling, but I’ve read the emails and had a look at the posted photos. Have a great week and see you (your photos) on instagram!

    • Thank you for visiting Elizabeth. Isn’t the August Break such fun! Like you, I am loving all the inspiration and sharing of ideas, feelings and photos. I hope you had a great trip and it is lovely to see your photos on Instagram again.

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