August break day 15 to 31

august break day 15 to 16

Blue. Blue. Blue. Look down.

august break day 16 to 18

Look down. Look down. Bookshelf. Jump.

august break day 19 to 22

Black + white. Peaceful. Treasures. Shadow.

august break day 22 to 25

Shadow. Adornment. Memory. Little.

august break day 26 to 28

Morning. Lines. Lines. Something new.

august break day 29 to 31

Nature. Soft. Soft. Love.


I had such fun with the August Break 2014 by Susannah Conway. Interpreting the daily prompt in a photo was a good challenge for me. I loved looking through all the interesting and unique images from my fellow contributors. I am already looking forward to next August ;). A big thanks to Susannah and everyone who took part!

The most fun shot for me was the blue photo of my feet dancing. I like that one the best. My least favourite photo to take was definitely the selfie in my previous post, although I really love how it turned out in the end.

You can follow along and check out my daily photos here.

Which photo appealed to you the most? And which one the least? I love to hear your thoughts, feelings and insights, so please drop me a note here.

with smiles, Delicia x


4 thoughts on “August break day 15 to 31

  1. I am sorry, but I am afraid that both of your questions will remain without answer… I love all your photos because in each of them I feel a vibrant part of you. Yet, I have to say that Love was perfect end to the series, especially because you sent it to Universe with the words ‘Love is within’ – which is exactly what I had written only few hours earlier the same day when I finished my mandala!

    Shadow is fascinating. The bowls show that light and dark are one and bring a peaceful message of acceptance. Nature is stunning reminder of the magic around us, and the Soft mushroom goes along very well. Bookshelf captures intimate moments that go far beyond books. I can feel lots of soul connections. Memory on your mat holds a beautiful chapter of your amazing story… be with it! Of course I like Adornment with tree energy charging you as you are following the spiral. All is good as it is: divine now moment! Jump is really great! It has lots of happy energy and the scenery is wonderful. I just wonder if the last time you jumped is really so far back. Or was it simply outstanding?! Finally, I am happy that the Blue photo prompted you to take your feet for a gypsy dance. You should do it more often! And do not forget the rituals to create space for Something new 😉

    Gratitude Delicia, for sharing all you see through your amazing ‘glasses of kindness and gratitude’ (I am using your words).

    PS Was it you who put the blue chocolate mouse on the hand of Ganesha?

    • I loved hearing what you see in the photos so many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings with me/us. It makes me happy that my photos can prompt these interesting observations and that they speak without the need of words.

      I have jumped since then but without that outstanding scenery. Plus it proved difficult trying to jump and take the photo at the same time, but believe I did try and not only once but many times. 😉

      Yes, I agree I should do a gypsy dance a little more often and I will remind myself of this often.

      I am not sure who put the blue chocolate mouse on the hand of Ganesha, but it was a perfect addition for my photograph.

      Much gratitude again for your sharing. Namaste

  2. Hi mdssD

    I looked through the photos again and again trying to decide which I liked most and least. In the end I decided that I like them all and there wasn’t one that I didn’t.

    Well done on your workshop it looks like a lots of creative fun.


    • Hi mdssGilli,

      Thank you for enjoying my photos. This makes me so happy that they are enjoyed. I love sharing them. This was tons of fun, even if a few of the prompts were a little more challenging. I recall that I found the selfie prompt equally challenging last year, along with home. No change this year then.


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