Soul musings : Grey to dark to light

right after the rain at Castello di Montebello in Bellinzona

Raining so hard, the sky turned from grey to dark. Is that a colour, or perhaps a feeling, I wonder.

How do you chase the dark out? You try to turn on a light, light a candle or find a flashlight. All tools! Tools that can help you to chase out the darkness.

Breathe light. Breathe dark. And live life.

Now, what do you use to chase out the darkness within? Like those game shows, firstly you try on your own to find a way. Through changing focus (gratitude helps), keeping busy (sometimes meaningful distraction can be the tool to shift our immediate focus and give it some space) or allowing stillness in ( oh yeah baby, meditation rocks ) we can let a little light in.

And when you can’t manage all on your lonesome, I hear you ask – well, I feel you always have three lifesavers. You know, exactly like the game shows.

You could call a friend, ask the audience or go for 50/50.

My way to ask the audience is usually through sharing my photos. Just the simple act of creatively taking a photo and then sharing my unique piece of artwork shifts my perspective enough to let some light in. Sharing is caring.

Calling a friend, a soulsister or a soulbrother, is a precious way of getting myself out of a funk with some help. We all need a little help from our friends. When we can bond over the good, the bad and the ugly in an open, honest and compassionate manner without judgement; and we still manage to grow our friendship, then you know you’ve got a friend for life! And friends that can hold a safe space for us when we are working our way through our own inner darkness are treasures. I like to keep mine safely in my heart.

I’m very blessed to have a few go-to soulfriends in my life. Do you have someone that holds you and your heart in your safe space?

Going for 50/50 … well, that’s the most difficult choice, at least for me.

We all know that life is a series of ups and downs, a continuous flow if you will. And to appreciate the whole, we need to work with the yin and yang of life. That is how we stumble upon our yin yang moments of balance.

Now do I – you – we have the courage to sit with ourselves in both cases – on the up and on the down – well to me that’s the 50/50 or actually the 100/100. It is very uncomfortable to do, but as I keep practising this, I grow a little each time.

We have to give 100% to the ups and the downs of this wild thing called life. They both belong to our one precious life and bring us our sacred lessons.

Light. Dark. Life.

The sun always returns after the rain. The sunbeams catch the raindrops and the world is filled with brilliant sparkles. Little bits of light. Let’s live a wildly beautiful messy life, dear Soul.

Have you got any other great ideas on how to shift the dark within?

with gratitude, Delicia xxx

4 thoughts on “Soul musings : Grey to dark to light

  1. Love this Delicia – thank you for sharing your thoughts . What works for me is something my mom taught us – I play “the glad game” bring to mind and focus on all my blessings . Namaste

    • Namaste Karen, I love “the glad game” idea and will add that to my toolbox too. I often forget just how blessed I truly am and it is good to remember. Thank you! Gratitude will always play a big role in my life and I think blessings is a huge part of that too. Many thanks for sharing your “glad game”. Namaste

  2. I’ve the feeling you were very happy the day you wrote this post, I feel happiness in your words. Well, is easy to fix the darkness from the space around us, I love to light candles,turn on the lights, a bonfire in the backyard. Difficult it’s the darkness that comes from deep inside us. Being by myself and working on my art projects always worked for me, recently I’ve praying and meditation as well. Thanks for the beautiful post my dear. Hugs and love to you!

    • Thank you Elizabeth. Oh yes, I was happy when I wrote it. I was very inspired by the weather on that day and mostly by a soulsister that was going through a difficult patch.

      A bonfire sounds lovely. Do you have a pit for it? Thank you for sharing what practices work well for you Elizabeth. May we always allow the light in through our cracks.

      Hugs and love to you xxx

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