2 thoughts on “August break day 13 to 16

  1. These four are amazing!! the prompts, the photos, the stories I can read. I find ‘home’ very interesting for the contrasting feelings it tells and arouses. There is so much in it to be with! I am being with it with you in my meditation. Breathe in from the Earth up to the Heart, and then breathe out back into the Earth. Repeat this for a while. Breathe in from the Earth into the Heart, and breathe out high up to the sky. Breathe in from the sky into the Heart and breathe out down again into the Earth. Continue for a while alternating on the out breath. Rest at the Heart and enjoy the stillness of connection to all there is. Home is there! Thank you Delicia for sharing and inspiring. Namaste.
    PS I love the feather between the words 😉

    • Oh magic! The breathing meditation is just magic and so fitting. Home is where the heart is and thank you for sharing that message. All I can say is that it was a divinely timed and perfect reminder, so thank you Annalisa 🙂 I am grateful! Namaste

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