Healing : Manuka or Tea Tree

manuka or tea tree flowers

manuka or tea tree bush

I was happy to find the bush here in Coromandel absolutely covered in the beautiful manuka or tea tree. It is in flower now, although a little early in the season, I am told.

These little flowers provide the bees with the pollen for the well known and healing manuka honey. To be classed as manuka honey, 70% of the pollen must come from the manuka or Leptospermum scoparium. Active manuka honey has powerful, natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Not surprising as it is also in the same family as the Australian tea tree which provides the tea tree essential oil. This is an oil I have used a lot for my aromatherapy massages. I also carry it with me, even when travelling lightly, as it has so many uses. Being a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral agent, tea tree’s ability to fight infection is excellent.

Some interesting facts about manuka or tea tree:

  • A tea drink was made from manuka leaves by Captain Cook’s men and by the early settlers; so the name tea tree was given to the tree by Captain Cook.
  • The wood is much prized as a firewood, burning with a fierce heat.
  • The Maori used it as a medicinal plant. Decoctions of leaves were used to reduce fever and treat colds; and preparations of the bark were used as sedatives.

Such a healing and versatile plant!

Have you ever used manuka honey or tea tree oil for healing? Please share your tips.

love and healing, Delicia x

Note: All information is provided in good faith and for information purposes only. Please consult a health professional before embarking on any treatment.

4 thoughts on “Healing : Manuka or Tea Tree

  1. Hi Delicia, I use Manuka Honey for all sorts of healing from open wounds to the common cold. I love it and it has never let me down. X

  2. No, I haven’t used any of that for healing, but it really sounds like something I should explore 😉 And the flowers are so beautiful!! This reminds me the special properties of lavender which is in flower now here. The essential oil is so fragrant and relaxing, and the flower is one of my favourites simply because it reminds me the lovely time spent with my grandfather in glorious blue expanses in the mountains to pick it and prepare bundles. Gratitude to powerful awesome Nature and to you for sharing all information about this magical healing plant!

    • Thank you for sharing your story about lavender. Mother Nature is awesome indeed. It is such a wonderful, relaxing and calming oil, and especially good for headaches and burns. Namaste

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