6 thoughts on “Festive wishes

  1. Beautiful photo and wishes! Thank you Delicia. You have created a really wonderful space for all of us. My gratitude for all your sharing and inspirations.
    Wishing you Merry Christmas, and love and harmony for the next steps along your amazing journey.

    • Happy festive season to you and much gratitude for sharing this space. May you step into 2014 gently and may it bring you all you desire. Love, light and laughter x

    • Much gratitude to you for sharing this space here. It has been wonderful to have you walk along and I hope you will continue to enjoy the journey too. Happy holidays to you too. Love and gratitude x

  2. Hi mdssD

    Festive wishes to you to, with all the love and joy you bring to my life.

    Be safe and happy always


    • Dear ssGilli,

      Happy wishes for a fun festive season to you. I can only mirror those thoughts right back to you and thank you for sitting with me.

      Love, light and laughter xxx

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