Christmas magic

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Wow! It is December. I can’t believe it!

This is the time of Christmas magic. For me it also brings deep gratitude for all that life has gifted to me. It is now that I start to look back over my year, as well as contemplate what I wish for my self and my life in the new year.

I have started to make time to reflect on my words for 2013 and what they brought into my life. The wish for simplicity, the balancing act and the bliss of stillness. The joys and the challenges go hand in hand. Each a blessing in itself.

I am already starting to sense and to dream about what my three new ones for 2014 will be. Watch this space. 😉 Have you given any thought to what 2014 holds for you?

Stop for a minute. Breathe deeply. And dream big.

The Christmas decorations are up, the lights are lit and the shop windows are full of red and green temptations. It’s a magical world out there.

I love Christmas time. I love the sparkle and the bright lights. I love connecting with family and friends. I love that my inner child wants to come out and play.

My family and I have decided ‘no gifts’ this year. I like this idea a lot.

My ideal gift would be the gift of time.

I would love to give time and spend shared moments with those souls that are really special to me. This would be my ultimate gift, both to give and receive.

Stop. Breathe. And dream.

What gift would you love to give and receive? Have you started dreaming about 2014 yet?

with love, Delicia

8 thoughts on “Christmas magic

  1. Oh hello mdssD,

    Thanks for reminding me of my word for 2013. Unlike you I only chose one word, I wasn’t as brave as you. I decided on an ‘easy’ word, but now I think I will have to do another year of this word because I certainly didn’t get it right. Maybe I should just be KIND to myself and choose another word, something easier, like GRUMPY, I am nearly an expert at that.

    Or maybe I will just make it “My Religion”.

    The idea of not giving material gifts sounds good to me, so I think my ideal gift to give and receive this Christmas would be “KIND NESS”.

    Love Lots

    • MdssGilli,

      I have such a laugh reading your reply. Thank you! I am sure you have practiced your word of KIND NESS a lot this year. What about choosing two words next year and making KIND NESS one of them?

      I would love the gift of kindness, what an inspired gift.

      Love lots x

  2. I am not at this stage yet. I am better at spiritual level and in working towards a simpler, more meaningful life, but I still have a long way to go. We do presents and I love that, but we try to do “meaningful”presents and not just presents for the sake of buying and giving something. I also try to privilege as much as I can handcrafted gifts and gifts that are made with love… It is the second year that my son has a home made Advent calendar and for sure, there are couple of sweets in it, but a lot “thoughts” and “actions” (such as “Forgive someone”, “Call a friend”, “Go in town to watch the Xmas lights”…).

    • Presents are also really special and hand-crafted gifts say so much! The love goes with the gift and makes it something really special.

      I love the idea of an advent calender with thoughts and actions in it. That’s a really awesome way to balance things.

      Enjoy your time with your son as Christmas approaches.

  3. I see you dreaming your three words for 2014 and a beautiful smile on your face as you are opening to all possibilities … I am sure that all what you need will flow to you and you will pick it!
    The last weeks I took time to be with words and tried to sense… ‘What is MY word?’ One single word that goes beyond the now. I reflected on the words of 2013, gave some thoughts to the ones for 2014, looked at the past and came back to the now. I am not sure I have found MY word, but I did find great inspiration for what I wish for my next steps.
    The gift of time is so precious and so special! This will be my main gift to my family this year. But there will be also material gifts! I proposed ‘no gifts’ (at least to me) few times, but I was not successful. I wish I could give you a lot of my time and share myriads of magic moments with you. I will, though in spirit and through technology 😉 I am sure your time with family and dears will be very special!

    • Wishing you joy in finding YOUR word. I trust, like with mine, it will happen and flow in the moment. I am indeed dreaming my words for 2014 and smiling. The divine timing is that that was exactly what was on my mind in this moment. Divine connection! As you said it is a wonderful process to enjoy. So enjoy it to the fullest.

      May you also enjoy each and every special moment of time with your family and special souls in your life. Namaste

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