Photo walk : spring snow

cloudy snowy titlis

sunshine above the clouds

cloud rolling in

in a swiss meadow (alphorns)

vierwaldstaettersee from stoos

the view from the meadow

in another swiss meadow

cloudy lake reflections

one day in a spring meadow

getting down from stoos

dandelion love

One day I was walking on Titlis in sunshine, snow and above the cloud line, while the very next day I was hiking down from Stoos Fronalpstock through meadows full of spring blossoms, cows with ringing bells and alphorns. Very Swiss indeed!

The Titlis and Stoos mountain areas are not that far away from each other, about 60km around the Vierwaldstaettersee (lake), but with about 1000m difference in altitude, the two hikes were worlds apart. The magical contrast of Mother Nature simply continues to astound me. This world that we live in is truly amazing. How lucky we are!

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes. I often see the world through photos and love exploring my surroundings in this way. You can find more of my photos here.

with gratitude, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Photo walk : spring snow

  1. Hi Delicia, lovely photos. I’m feeling much better, thanks for the healing energy and Max’s. I didn’t go hiking when I was living in Lausanne, my older son was a baby, but we travelled all Switerzland by train, some of them with glass roof, so we could see everywhere. Some parts with snow, and others full of flowers. It was marvellous!

    • Hello Elizabeth,

      How wonderful to hear you are feeling better and that you enjoyed the healing energy and Max’s. So divine!

      The Swiss landscapes are truly spectacular, aren’t they? I haven’t visited Lausanne yet but I am sure it must be lovely as it is at the lake too.

      Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it so much.

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