This travelling book

this travelling book

I am a travelling book who adores adventure. I am a brave and courageous soul who desires to live life fully in the now. Yet my journey has been short so far.

I entered the big wide world with her a few months ago when we left The Bookshop in Zurich together hand-in-hand. She handled me with care, devoured my pages and smiled at my words. And just when I was wondering if this was it, we set off by train to explore Paris. Oh, what a beautiful city. Buildings. Parks. Art. Culture. Lights. Bubbles! And magic! All as my words had captured them.

We returned to Hedingen together so that she could read all of my stories and finish each chapter. I knew that our journey together was almost over when she closed me for the last time. I wondered what would become of me now.

What would my fate be in life? Was I doomed to live out my days quietly on a bookshelf? Would I be gifted to a soulsister to read? Could I be donated to a library so lots of souls could enjoy me? Or heaven forbid, would I be discarded into the rubbish and cease to exist? Or, maybe, just maybe, I could hope that she would set me free to continue my explorations?

Thanks goodness! She chose set me free. We only have this moment and I so want to make the most of it. And she clearly understood that; and also felt that same desire to be free.

We hopped on a train to Zurich again (*see me on the train here*) and together we walked back to that bookstore. We sat for a moment on the bench outside and after writing a sweet note inside my cover, addressed to the lovely soul who would discover me and all my secrets, she gently placed me at the fountain (*and here I am at the fountain*) and said farewell. I had shade, water and fresh air, although it wasn’t a fountain full of roses.

Her soul was happy knowing that I would be inspiring another soul soon. And my heart was joyful as I had what I needed while I waited patiently for a lovely soul to pick me up. We were both excited about this little life experiment. I wonder where it will lead me next…

Travel safe dear book soul. You only get one soul. So live fully now.

Should you cross paths at any time with this book soul, Paris Revealed by Stephen Clarke with my note inside, please connect and share a little bit more of her journey with us here or on Instagram (#thistravellingbook #soulsistertravellingbook). I would love to know what happens next.

simply inspired, Delicia



8 thoughts on “This travelling book

  1. Beautiful post Delicia, thank you! Once again your words communicate all the love of those little moments that make you thrive and your photos well capture the energy. I am always happy to read you and feel you so alive and shining. Your book is really lucky to have found you! It sounds the two of you had great time and fun together, but most importantly you took care of her soul by gifting her forward. And what a lovely spot you found for her! water, shade (but also a bit of sun!) and fresh air. Gifting your book forward is a really wonderful way to connect with new souls, invite them to join and walk with you. I hope the soulsiter/soulbrother who picked her up will realise the blessing that came her/his way and will be eager to share her/his light if not in this space at least by gifting the book to yet another soul.

    I am not that good in gifting books forward… Yes, I am a bit attached, I know! but there are good reasons. The books I would like to gift are the ones that spoke to me and I loved most. My mind learns fast, but to put all that wisdom into practice so that it can be my NOW my heart needs several reminders. Therefore, I often go back to the pages that I marked or read the whole book again, and again. Every time I pick something different and our souls get a bit closer. It is a slow journey. Thus if I want to share all of this with soulsisters I usually buy new copies of the book. But this is not the same as sharing your own. I know it, because you are capable of gifting forward and I have been lucky enough to receive several of your books 🙂 Reading a book that belonged to someone else, knowing that maybe it was a gift to this person, feeling the energy of this special connection and somehow being part of it, is really special and very far from the simple act of reading. I am very grateful I could experience all of this and connect with so many other souls thanks to your generosity.

    I know that making this experiment made you happy. I am sure it will inspire other souls and I hope that one by one, joining the links of the chain of connection, it will make many others happy.

    • Dear Annalisa,

      I also deeply hope that the soulsister or soulbrother who finds her will share her soul, like you said, either here or Instagram or by gifting her forward again when it is time. I trust that this is exactly what will happen, in one way or another. 🙂 We cannot determine the outcome, yet I know that whatever happens, it was meant.

      I, like you, am very attached to my books, and in particular the one’s that speak to my soul. I have found it hard to work with my attachment to books (and music) but I am learning as I go along. In the process of simplifying my life, as it is something I desire and feels right for me, I have had to look at my attachments and the why. It is no easy process and I am still experimenting with what works. Yet, as I genuinely want to walk my talk, and I intensely desire to live simply, I want to practice letting go. And knowing that someone else may find joy through my act of letting go, makes it all the easier.

      This experiment made me very happy and I look forward to hearing a little about her journey onwards sometime.

      I love how you have felt the connections through books that I have gifted you. That is the magic! I love it. Thank you for your beautiful sharing here.

      Love and light x

      • I know how much you love and are attached to your books Delicia. Therefore receiving them has been even more special. Gratitude.

        The ways you are finding to walk your talk of simplifying your life are really beautiful and you are such an inspiring example! Yes, you did bring enormous joy to me and feeling the connections was indeed magic. I have no words. Namaste.

    • Thank you Elizabeth and who knows, just maybe she may make it across the oceans to you. 🙂 I would love to hear that one day in the not-to-distant future, she connected with you via a beautiful web of connected souls and journeys. What we desire, often happens. Wouldn’t that be simply divine? 😉

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