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kalk bay cafe mermaid and cupcake mosaic

kalk bay cafe fish on the waves mosaic

yummy smoothies for two


Sister or soulsister*** love is an amazing thing. I count myself fortunate enough to enjoy both and have been blessed with a beautiful family and soul family.  Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with them. This makes me happy. And inspires gratefulness in me as I mentioned in my post Hike, sister, hike!

Spend the time. Follow the flow. Feel the soul connection.

After the hike I met up with my sister Nicki and we spent time together hanging out and catching up whilst doing a few things we love together.

We indulged in yummy sushi and talked about energy and healing over a few cups of coffee. We browsed a bookshop together and I got her hooked on a book I have been eyeing, called The Way of F**k It: small book, big wisdom ( by John C. Parkin and Gaia Pollini).  On a whim, she bought it.  Life has been a little challenging for both of us lately and this little book helped us to lighten up. Laughter is definitely the best medicine and double so when you share it.

Then it was off to visit someone special in hospital and we could share that laughter as well as healing energy on. More energy when the full moon in all her magnificence greeted us after our vegetarian dinner. Like us, she too was just hanging out in the sky. Late that night we were still chatting away like two schoolgirls.

We woke to a stormy and wet day, so headed off to try out a new (to me) café. Oh wow, the fruit smoothies were absolutely amazing! And the mosaic on the Kalk Bay Café wall was beyond words. So big. So intricate and bright. And oh so colourful!

We enjoyed the energies of the moment by just being together, spending precious time and following the flow. Connecting to and catching up with a sister or soulsister is such food for my soul. It is so much more than words. It is pure soul energy. And last weekend I was doubly blessed!

Time. Flow. Soul connection.

How do you enjoy time with your soulsisters***? Please share your thoughts below.

love and light, Delicia x

*** I am using the term soulsister rather loosely and it also means soulbrother. I have a few of those too 😉 . It is not exclusively female but rather the feminine energy that we all have within us.


6 thoughts on “Sister energy

  1. Wow, I can feel the energy coming through Delicia!! you had a really amazing weekend and I am sure it has been very special time for your sister too. It is so good to feel you overwhelmed by pure soul energy 🙂

    Thank you for the reminder of laughing!! and yes, at times life appears a bit too challenging, but I know you know that in that are our lessons and growth. So keep laughing! and trust.

    How do I enjoy time with my soulsisters? Just as you wrote… enjoying the energies of the moment by just being together and following the flow! I miss you, though at the moment I am feeling and enjoying energies and flows with you more than ever.

    Love and light.

    • Our flows seem to take us right to the place that we need to be in the now. We just have to allow and accept them in order to flow. I miss spending time with you too, but I also know we are still connected in many ways (as do you 😉 ). I am so happy that the energy came through in the writing. That was the important bit, to be able to portray the deep feeling of it all. Thank you! Love and light

  2. Hi mssD

    Beautiful photos, thanks.

    I am lucky to have 2 sisters, that blood sister connection is unbreakable. I am also lucky to have a few Soul Sisters, yes these are the ones that you get to choose :))))))))

    Staying in touch is hard because both my sisters and most of my Soul Sisters live in different towns, countries and even continents.

    My BlackBerry keeps me connected, wherever they may be. I think we take it for granted these days that people are literally at the other end of your cellphone or computer.

    For a techno dinosaur like me it is still fascinating and such fun to be able to have a conversation with my friends via What’s App, it is truly fantastic.

    So thanks D (oh chosen one) for being my soulsister, our daily comms are such a great part of my day, much gratitude.

    Yss Gilli

    • My dear teabag 😉 ss Gilli,

      I am so happy you got your blackberry and am very proud of you for mastering it. It has allowed us to keep in touch despite our distance and for that I am truly grateful. You are a wonderful soulsister in my life and great teacher as well. Being in touch with you has brought me many laughs, lessons, healing and happiness.

      Yss D

    • Oh yes! techno connection is magic and adds a lot to my relation with family and friends who are far apart. It is so true, we take it for granted that people are literally at the other end of our computer or cell phone, but like you I am every time fascinated by this really happening. So yes, if I cannot physically meet soulsisters, I like to spend time staying in touch through email and text messages. And this brings me great joy. Thank you for mentioning it here Gilli, and reminding me to include these gifts of IT era in my list of gratitude!

      • Oh yes!! I do agree and must add that to my gratitude list as well. Good reminder Annalisa. 🙂 I also make a lot of use of technology as part of my connection to family and friends and soulsisters! The IT era has definitely made long distance connections so much simpler and faster for me. For that I am grateful. xxx

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