Inspire your senses : awakeness

rain reflections

shaggy gypsy the workshop cat



This week my senses were inspired by these simple pleasures that I would like to share with you:

sight : looking at Tammy’s photographs at and in particular her mini-adventures. What wonderful photo inspiration.

sound : listening to the soft sounds of Yiruma and especially Kiss the rain as it matched the weather really well. Listening to the raindrops!

taste : a divine breakfast of toasted banana bread with mascarpone and honey at Melissa’s. And I didn’t forget the espresso! They also make a lovely Red Cappuccino.

smell : smelling Nag Champa incense burning to clear the air and create sacred space for meditation, yoga or just to be.

touch : making friends with the lovable cat who is sleeping in the workshop and running my hands over her soft and shaggy fur. Meet Gypsy. Kitty love is the best.

energy : connections with sisters, soulsisters, family and friends and enjoying special time together hiking or just hanging out.

last words : Awakeness is found in our pleasure and our pain, our confusion and our wisdom, available in each moment of our weird, unfathomable, ordinary everyday lives. – Pema Chödrön. I found this book, When thing fall apart: heart advice for difficult times, rather unexpectedly at the second hand bookshop. Well really, it found me and wanted to come home with me. It is a perfect read for me right now and I am loving it.

Please share the things that have inspired you this week in the comments section and inspire us too… 🙂

simply sharing, Delicia x

4 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : awakeness

  1. This week my senses were inspired by several and extremely simple pleasures. They included:

    sight : looking at the field of windblown wheat and letting me flow with the gentle waves. I was also inspired by looking at the line of the airplane up in the blue sky, by the flickering of candlelight on my mat, and by the circles of raindrops on the surface of the pool.

    sound : listening to birds singing to the rain, and to Children Beyond relieving me from headache. I also enjoyed the cowbells reminding me that Nature goes through her cycles, and I followed the soulful music and touching words of Patchwork by Ranjit (

    taste : plain bread at breakfast for a good start of the day and the good Risotto with shrimps treat to thank Myself for the courage, perseverance and emotional effort I had to go through and come to a (finally!) happy end.

    smell : smelling the clove of my very special candle burning on my mat and creating perfect space for meditation, smelling the earth warmed by the sun that connected me to Mother Nature, smelling the lavender oil winding me down for bedtime and making me think of my beloved grandfather.

    touch : resting my hands on the bark of our Tree and gently stroking the big feather with my fingers… time to let the burden go and fly! I also enjoyed feeling the support of water as I bathed in it (no Weiher yet, only bathtub!).

    energy : this has been a week of powerful energy. I felt the energy of your hands (at distance, but it was so amazing!), of connections with soulsisters and family. I have been flowing peacefully with oneness energies of the Universe, I have been aware of energy shifts and prepared for transformation…

    last words : ‘The best way out is always through’ (Robert Frost). It is really best to deal with whatever problem or hard time we have rather than to avoid or give up. When we will eventually come out the other side it will be forever solved. This goes pretty nicely along with one of my favourite quotes which is also from Pema Chödrön. But I post this latter in Something that inspires 😉

    Thank you for simply sharing Delicia, and for reminders to appreciate small things in life. Namaste, Annalisa.

    • What a wonderful sharing reply, thank you Annalisa. I enjoyed reading about your simple pleasures of this week and how you took care of yourself. It is a good reminder to spend time being gentle with our self and doing the small things that make a big difference in our life. I am very happy you shared the beautiful music of Ranjit here. I really love it and am always grateful for that gift from you. And your quote is spot on, even if through is sometimes more challenging, it brings us our lessons. 😉 Again, thank you for sharing your simple pleasures. Namaste Delicia

  2. Hi MssD

    Thanks for sharing your photos and feelings, always nice to be a part of your life.


    • Smile! I am reminded of a saying in my journal – the more we share, the more we have – and for me this is very true. Sharing makes me happy and we are here to be just that, happy! So thank you for your sharing in my happiness. yfD x

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