Taking time, feeling joy

gypsy the camo kitty


The season is upon us and there is Christmas magic all around. One of the things that I wish to gift this year is time.

I have been loving the 31 days of gifts I have received from Courtney so far and I am sure there are still some surprises coming up. I look forward to them each day with such joyful anticipation. This is a really great gift that I gifted myself for this month.

These gifts have inspired me to give some thought to how often we take the time to gift something to ourselves. Something like time?

Breathe in. Take time for you. Feel the joy.

I have taken time and gifted myself these five gifts:

  • a cuddle and sharing some kitty love with my Max first thing this morning
  • a moment to capture a photograph of Gypsy and to think about our shared gypsy souls
  • a pause to watch my tomatoes growing
  • a shared smile or laugh with someone close to me
  • a cup of coffee, time to be grateful and to remember and celebrate my dad today

I would love to send you the gift of time too.

Here are some ideas to gift yourself some time today:

  • stop and just listen to the birds singing or the rain falling
  • appreciate a tiny piece of nature – a flower, the sunshine or a snowflake
  • make time to give yourself a special treat – a home pedicure or a bubble bath
  • listen to one of your favourite Christmas songs and sing-a-long (this one means it’s Christmas to me 🙂 )
  • find a quiet space to feel the stillness around you

Breathe. Time. Joy.

What do you gift yourself at this time of the year?

with joy, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Taking time, feeling joy

  1. Hello mdssD

    Time is all we have and of course there is no way of knowing just how much of it we do have. So the gift of giving time, whether to oneself or to others is a very special gift. Everything seems to be in fast forward motion these days, so taking time to phone a friend or to smile at a stranger is a wonderful gift.

    Thanks for taking time out daily to stay in touch with me, it really is something I so enjoy and look forward to.


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