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In my dream world, I would like to be able to trade goods and services with like-minded folks. Instead of everything in life being about money and the availability thereof, I would be happy to swap services and things with others. This would add a great deal of positive energy to the exchange, as well as bring more heart connection and communication into our daily lives. While I realise this may not be entirely practical in today’s world 100% of the time on a day-to-day basis, I have still found some ways to start implementing this on a small scale within my daily life.

My friend N. and I are both shiatsu therapists. We were connected through someone I met via email. When we met about three years ago, we immediately clicked and agreed to a swap of a shiatsu session with each other. We had trained in different countries and with different teachers, so we wanted to experience how our sessions differed. It worked out so well that we became good friends and we have continued to trade sessions. This gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and try out new techniques on each other first. This trade really started our friendship and we bonded more and more through our love of healing, nature and walking.

Over the years I have swapped many different things. We all have something unique to offer and there is always someone who needs what we can offer and who offers what we need at a particular point in time. It is purely supply and demand. We just have to look and be open to the possibilities.

I breathe. I observe. I am open.

I have traded handmade jewellery and dreamcatchers, shiatsu sessions, aromatherapy massages, English lessons and translations, car and driving services, gardening, house and pet sitting services, administrative tasks and donated items I can no longer use. I have received healing sessions, training, books, products, IT services, haircuts, lifts from A to B, use of a car, a meal and in some cases, a roof over my head. Plus so much more. The opportunities are endless and I hope to keep broadening this in my day-to-day life. Each trade brings me the joy of connection and a multitude of blessings into my life.

We all have unique gifts and talents. We just need to be consciously aware of what we have to offer and be open to opportunities of a swap with someone in our circle, community or even someone we don’t know yet. There are many places to look for that special someone. You could try community centres, notice boards, local newspapers or even local websites. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and make new friends. My friend N. and I are proof of that!

Breathe. Observe. Be open.

Is there something you have, create or do that you can swap with someone? Have you considered trading services or goods as an alternative option to buying the things you need? I would love to hear about your experiences or thoughts on this in the comments section. Just leave a reply. 🙂

simply sharing, Delicia x



2 thoughts on “Sharing through trading

  1. so nice, thank you! I really like to trade, share and give away. There are a lot of opportunities, that we just have to find (often they are hidden).

    Thank you for your friendship and caring.

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